In response to the closure of the George Air Force Base in December 1989, the Victor Valley Economic Development Authority(VVEDA)Joint Powers Authority(“JPA”)was created in 1991 comprising of the Town of Apple Valley, the City of Hesperia, the City of Victorville and the County of San Bernardino. VVEDA’s primary purpose and function, as a joint powers authority, and in the adoption of its Redevelopment Project Area Plan, among other things, was to provide the mechanism and funding to acquire the former George Air Force Base (now known as Southern California Logistics Airport (“SCLA”)) and facilitate the successful reuse of the property.

In 1996, through the terms of the Third Amended Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement, VVEDA delegated its decision-making authority with respect to SCLA to the Southern California Logistics Airport Authority (“SCLAA”). In July 2000, VVEDA approved a Fourth Amendment to the Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement and Redevelopment Plan which provided for the inclusion of the City of Adelanto.

California Redevelopment Agencies are abolished as of February 1, 2012 as a result of legislation enacted on June 29, 2011 and upheld by the California Supreme Court on December 29, 2011.